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Indie City Madness
Monday March 27th, 2017 with Rick Vaughan
EP. 178 - Alex Harea talks JUNOfest & #OTTmusic to soothe the soul

The Erie Canal
Moonfruits - Debut Canadian
Drop And Dance
Alex Harea - All The Hits Canadian
Shadowhand - Album Demos Canadian New
Demon Dream
Pony Girl - Foreign Life Canadian
Kalle Mattson - Avalanche Canadian
WTF Jumpin' Bean
FET.NAT - Poule Mange Poule Canadian
Tout feu tout flamme
Damien Robitaille - Univers Parallèles Canadian New
Silver Creek - Princes and Kings Canadian
PINE - Pillow Talk Canadian New
The Outsider
Horcrux - Single Canadian
Can't Call it Love
Old Man Grant - Old Man Grant Canadian
Flying Hórses - Tölt Canadian
Love Burnin' Out
Rebecca Noelle - Single Canadian
Interactive CKCU