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Indie City Madness
Monday January 2nd, 2017 with Elly Laberge and Julie Cormier-Doiron
Ep. 166: New Year, New Music

Elly and Julie ring in 2017 with brand new local music for your ears. Enjoy!
Halcyon Sky
Novusolis - Fevered Dreams Canadian New
Ah Ha!
Pippa - sweetlow Canadian New
Jeepz - Au Revoir Canadian New
Kelly Sloan - Big Deal Canadian
Who Are We Kidding
Gravelines - Debut EP Canadian
J'étais là
Bonhomme Sept Heures - J'étais là Canadian
Rinse Rinse Repeat
XiL - Demo Canadian New
Coming for Me
Neverfriend - Evolve Canadian
The Stakes
The Kents - Waking EP Canadian
OMERTA - Pyromania Canadian
Destroy to Create
Riotor - Rusted Throne Canadian
Bye Bye
Bugs Harvey Oswald - Bye Bye Canadian
The Arrival
Splintered Fate - City at Night Canadian
Interactive CKCU
AWESOME STUFF, love the shoutouts to Bar Robo and Live on Elgin. Great spots

9:06 PM, January 2nd, 2017