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Indie City Madness
Monday November 7th, 2016 with Elly Laberge & Rick Vaughan
Ep. 158: Gratitude and New Tunes

lay your bodies down
André M. Bluteau - sons Canadian New
The Acorn - Vieux Loup Canadian
Out Of Line
Jonathan Becker - The Way You've Aged Canadian New
Track Meet on Main Street
Swim Team - single Canadian New
Candy Land
New Swears - Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever Canadian
Alaclair High
Alaclair Ensemble - Les Frères Cueilleurs Canadian New
Yusso - single Canadian
Hair in Your Eyes (Swamp)
SPELL - single Canadian New
The Shadow of Ideas
Crusades - Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It Canadian
Just A Sip
In Heat - Thrillborn Canadian
Puffs - Familiar Hole Canadian New
Interactive CKCU