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Indie City Madness
Monday February 23rd, 2015 with Rick Vaughan & Elly Laberge
Ep. 69 - As Cool as the Weather

Sweet Surrender
Hyf Gypsy Sun - Single Canadian New
Soul Remembered
Just Poets - Painting Pictures in the Darkness Canadian
Ornaments - Blood Vessels Canadian
Happiest Man
Saint Clare - Half Holy EP Canadian
Tropical Dripps - Cool Dude Canadian
Beta Sleep
Elementals - EP's (2013-2014) Canadian New
Mastik - De sol et d'ether Canadian New
Have Faith In Me
Muffler Crunch - Little Things Canadian
Thank You Come Again
Dirty Dishes - GUILTY New
Aspects of War
Ominous Eclipse - Beyond The Apocolypse Canadian
Two Faced
Sketchy Poutine - Sketch E.P. Canadian
One More Time
The Tenenbaums - Fish Canadian