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Indie City Madness
Monday June 16th, 2014 with Andrew Lacelle & Rick Vaughan
Ep. 33 - // A visit from Modularbase // Rick Is Away :(

The Call
Muffer Crunch - Little Things Canadian
Old Man Mouthbreather
Monobrow - Big Sky, Black Horse Canadian
Wrecking Ball Daughter
Keturah Johnson - Single Canadian
Rise Up
Suns of Stone - Suns of Stone Canadian
Onionface - Single Canadian
Lullaby For Ghosts
Musk Ox - Musk Ox Rerelease Canadian
Break You
Neverfriend - Dangerously Addictive Canadian
Society In Decline
Finderskeepers - Pack Your Bags Canadian
Farcyte (The Sounds)
Mackenzie Rhythm Section - Mackenzie Rhythm Section Canadian