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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday December 7th, 2022 with Neal
Parking Pirates Be Damned

Sally Free and Easy (Trees Cover)
Magic Hour - No Excess is Absurd - Twisted Village (1994)
Strange Reaction
Major Stars - The Rock Revival - Twisted Village (1997)
The Homecoming
Freedoms Children - Galactic Vibes - Shadoks (1971/2017)
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)
Fudge Tunnel - Hate Songs in E Minor - Earache (1991)
Killer in The Snow
Birds of Maya - Vol. 1 - Holy Mountain (2008)
I Am A Magnet
Grand Trine - Sunglasses EP - Divorce (2010) Canadian
No Negative - The Good Never Comes - Psychic Handshake (2015) Canadian
Night Fighter pt 2
Holy Cobras - Forever - Telephone Explosion (2011) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Hey Neal, show sounds great today! Cheers!

5:22 PM, December 7th, 2022
luv'n drums!!!

5:25 PM, December 7th, 2022
Neal Johnstone (host)
thanks guys!

5:25 PM, December 7th, 2022
t'was an amaaazing solo...seem rare these days...(hate D machines! Real Timing is never consistant live...& shouldn't be!;-)

5:38 PM, December 7th, 2022
What was the track with the long drum solo. It played around 4:40pm today

9:48 PM, December 7th, 2022
Neal Johnstone (host)
the Homecoming by Freedoms Children

8:42 AM, December 8th, 2022