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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 with Neal
The Wisconsin Sessions, pt. 42 : Time wasters

Drugged & Driving
Dayglo Abortions - Here Today Guano Tomorrow - Fringe (1988) Canadian
Stoned & Starving
Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold - Dull Tools (2012)
Pictures of Match Stick Men (Status Quo cover)
Forgotten Rebels - Pride And The Disgrace - Other Peoples Music (1986) Canadian
The Sticks
The Cool Greenhouse - S/T - Melodic (2020)
Modern World
Modern Lovers - S/T - Beserkley (1976)
What Goes On
The Velvet Underground - 1969 Live with Lou Reed - Mercury (1974)
Sonic Reducer
Dead Boys - Young Loud and Snotty - Sire (1977)
Circle Jerks - Group Sex - Frontier (1980)
Career Suicide - Anthology of Releases 2001-2003 - Deranged Records (2004) Canadian
20 Eyes
Misfits - Walk Among Us - Plan 9 (1981)
Cutting Class
Cerebral Ballzy - S/T - William St. (2011)
The End
Blind Eye - S/T - Viral Age (2019)
Interactive CKCU
Neal Johnstone (host)
it's Wednesday!

5:01 PM, March 3rd, 2021
mike p
nice nod Neal!

5:32 PM, March 3rd, 2021
Neal Johnstone (host)
thanks Mike!

5:34 PM, March 3rd, 2021
mike p
this is stir. who plays guitar? or do I need more blueberries?

5:40 PM, March 3rd, 2021
Neal Johnstone (host)
more blueberries

5:41 PM, March 3rd, 2021
I meant d boys, stiV

5:44 PM, March 3rd, 2021
Neal Johnstone (host)
Ah, okay . that make more sense. was wondering what you were stirring in those berries

5:45 PM, March 3rd, 2021
mean is bators on vocal for boys and who is playing guitar, please?

5:47 PM, March 3rd, 2021
Neal Johnstone (host)
cheetah chrome

5:53 PM, March 3rd, 2021
mike p
I plead insanity due to grocery shopping thanks neighbour!

5:56 PM, March 3rd, 2021
Mojo Man
I remember seeing the Dayglos 30 years ago in Vancouver on a bill with House Of Commons and Flipper. People were stage diving onto a concrete floor and the washrooms had no doors. It was a great show!

12:48 PM, March 6th, 2021