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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday January 6th, 2021 with Neal
The Wisconsin Sessions, pt. 34 : Ottawa 90s Bands 2

If you got any material that would fit in with a follow up show shoot me an email at
the Undertaken - The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness - Under The Ground (1994) Canadian
Psycho Surgery
the Undertaken - Demos '92 - Under The Ground (1992) Canadian
Group from Dunrobin, active from 1990 to 1995 or 1996. core members Damian (guitar), Kevin (guitar/vocals) and Joey (drums) would later become Power Farm releasing a demo in the 2000s. Psycho Surgery has Ben Eagan on bass and vocals, Ben would later play in the group Big Papa Punk.
Your World
Earthdog - demos - demo (1988) Canadian
from Nepean. This song was recorded in 1988, but the band was active in the dawn of the 90s, played at Nepean High School.
Gotta Get Me
Mushroom Explosion - Who Cares - Wet Records (1993) Canadian
see Ottawa 90s Bands pt. 1: Shawn Jam Hill on vocals.
Merry Minstrals of Death - demos - demo (1991) Canadian
Another group from Nepean, played at Nepean High School. Members Jason and Neil would later be in the group Union of Authority.
Harsh Reality - [unknown] - n/a (199?) Canadian
Ottawa straight edge band. taken from an unknown source.
I don't fit in
The Cruds - VA. Capital City Cookout - Gas Records (1999) Canadian
group was active from about 4 years, Geoff Lindley fpom PoopooKaKandtheBumBums on vocals. music recorded before "99. features future Million Dollar Marxist Luke Nuclear.
Crabwebs - VA. Capital City Cookout - Gas Records (1999) Canadian
Group active for about 10 years. released a couple of cassettes in the 90's. features Paul Lacasse (RIP) on vocals/bass. this track recorded before '99.
Swear to God
Claymouth - Diabolic - Wet Records (1995) Canadian
features Darren Grainger, vocals (Iranian Nuns/Cobras), Teddy Wilson, drums (Heavendog/Cobras), and Oliver Marsh, guitar (Motel 9/Heavendog/etc). released two albums, and featured on the compilation Cold Milk Headache.
Do yeah
Union of Authority - Close to the Ground - n/a (1994) Canadian
Union of Authority have recently reformed and have released some new tunes. check the internet for more deets.
Big Stink Train
MS Gesus - VA/ Plug: New Music From Ottawa - One Handed (1993) Canadian
Trigger Pulls the Finger
Red Pony - s/t - Subphonic (1997) Canadian
featured Dave Jackson, guitar (Spindrift), Scott Terry, drums (Mushroom Explosion, etc.) and Kim Seb, bass. only release. played locally and at the Halifax Pop Explosion.
Lockjaw - Sleepwalker - Popsicle (1992) Canadian
Big Boobs Landing on the Moon
Cowpint - VA/ Cold Milk Headache - wet records (1994) Canadian
waste of Time
Heavendog - Holy Cow - One Handed (1993) Canadian
Features Damian Bromby, bass; Teddy Wilson, drums; Oliver Marsh, guitar and Chris Crabtree, vocals. Chris Crabtree is currently singing in the Vancouver group Off By An Inch.
Will You Be Pretty (second half)
Red Pony - s/t - subphonic (1997) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Neal Johnstone (host)
happy wednesday all

5:10 PM, January 6th, 2021
Mike P
soulful music!

5:59 PM, January 6th, 2021
Jason K
Thanks for this! Lots of great stuff. I contacted a few friends involved in some of these projects. They were pumped up to hear this stuff again on the radio!

10:28 AM, January 7th, 2021
Damian Blake(The Undertaken)
Thanks for all your hard work digitizing our old tunes made for a great hour of music(tape hiss and all!) Long live The Upstairs Neighbour!

2:36 PM, January 7th, 2021
Ian McCarthy
Thanks Neal. good high school tunes!! Saw Gallery!!!

5:51 PM, January 7th, 2021
Found a Mushroom explosion cassettes and would like to find more information if anyone knows anything about them

7:15 PM, April 10th, 2023