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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 with Neal
Moldy Oldies, Funky Flakes, and Stale Bubblegum

Like I love you
Edd Byrnes - 45rpm - warner
Girl after girl
Troy Shondell - 45rpm - London
Blue Moon
Marcelles - 45rpm - colpix
Mr. Bass Man
Johnny Cymbal - 45rpm - Kapp
Jungle Fever
Tornados - 45rpm - London
Bert Weedon - 45rpm (Weedons Winners) - Top Rank
Splash Down
Bob and the Messengers - 45rpm - Reo Canadian
The Dave Rockingham Trio - 45rpm - Jubilee
Est-Ce Que Tu Le Sais ? (What'd I Say)
Les Chats Sauvage - 45rpm - Pathe
Les Classels - 45rpm - Trans Canada Canadian
Jungle Drums
Earl Bostic - 45rpm - King
Gimmie dat ding
The Pipkins - 45rpm - columbia
I've lost my girl
Bob Harrington and the Esquires - 45rpm - capitol Canadian
run run run
Gestures - 45rpm - apex
Coeur (Heart)
Ria Bartok - 45rpm - Pathe
L'amour ca ne se commande pas
Lise Thouin - 45rpm - capitol Canadian
Clochepied Boitant
Katia - 45rpm - Vogue
Nitty Gritty
Richardo Ray - 45rpm - Roulette
the rapper
Jaggarz - 45rpm - kama sutra
Can't stop loving you
The Last Word - 45rpm - atco
Baby I love you ok
Ginger - 45rpm - Shock
One night stand
Magic Lanterns - 45rpm - Big Tree
Chinese kung-fu
Disco train Express - 45rpm - Alta Canadian
Interactive CKCU
All 7"s today? Did you find a small stash of singles somewhere?

5:30 PM, February 22nd, 2017
Neal Johnstone (host)
sure did.

5:30 PM, February 22nd, 2017