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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday January 18th, 2017 with Neal
Head Wound Philosophy

talking Alt. Facts for this show....
Molly's Lips
the Vaselines - ...The complete history - sub pop
Help Me
Kensington Market - Aardvark - warner Canadian
Dark Lord
Sam Gopal - Escalation - stable
You've got the power
The Art of Lovin - s/t - Mainstream
Group from Boston, not the Bay Area, although they both start with the letter "B"
Les Oiseaux mechaniques
Harmonicos - 45 rpm - n/a Canadian
Coming down
United States of America - s/t - sundazed
Magic Man
Jarvis Street Revue - Singles and more - Lion Canadian
Hame Pila
Honey Kalima & his Royal Hawaiians - V/A Lovely Hula Hands - Waikiki Records
Ya Sa Pichou
Robert Charlesbois - Mont Athos - Gamma Canadian
Funky Fuddle Duddle
House of Commons - 45rpm - GRT Canadian
Mistakenly mentioned that group was from Ottawa, but since it contains Doug Riley and members of Dr. Music, and former Robbie Lane and the Disciples member Terry Bush on vocals, it was most likely from Toronto. Terry Bush is also the one who wrote and performed the song Maybe Tomorrow which was the theme song for the Littlest Hobo
Answer Man
Canada Goose - 45rpm - Tonsil Canadian
Sally go round roses
Jaynetts - 45rpm - Tuff
the you know who group - 45rpm - Kapp
Les generation au"jour"dui
Les Chanceliers - 45rpm - Citation Canadian
They're gonna get you
Count Five - 45rpm - Apex
Hot Smoke & Sassafrass
Bubble Puppy - 45rpm - International Artists
the Quiet Jungle - 45rpm - Yorkville Canadian
Cry like a baby
The Sins and Lovers - 45rpm - n/a Canadian
Not a Bobby Sherman cover, but a Box Tops cover....
Ou sont mes claques
Octopus - 45rpm - MP Canadian
contains Gerry Bribosia singer and guitarist of Les Misérables.
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