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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 with Neal
Funding Drive last installment

I really do
Zior - s/t - akarma
do u know who your frenz are
Ginger Baker Airforce - 2 - atco
Love thing
Soul Motivators - Free to Believe - n/a Canadian
Go go getter
The Dolly Rocker Movement - Electric Sunshine - n/a
Half full glass of wine
Tame Impala - Live versions - Modular
It's a money World
Wild Man Fischer - Pronounced Normal - rhino
She pays the rent
the Nomads - 12"' - n/a
Kelly Rippa / I don't go to the movie
Neck - Hate to read - Uncle D Canadian
Social End Products - Ego Trip - n/a
Send down that rain
Brother Claude Ely - get back satan - Ace
Louie Louie, part time punks
Youth youth youth - Repackaged - n/a Canadian
thank you
Chrisma - chinese restaurant - spittle
Interactive CKCU