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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday September 28th, 2016 with Neal
Soft vacuum extractor

Blister on the moon
Taste - S/T - Polydor
For Mad Men Only
May Blitz - 2nd of May - Akarma Canadian
I need love
Vanilla Fudge - Rock on - Atco
Swing low
Gossip - that's not what I heard - kill rock stars
Mystery plane
Cramps - Songs the lord taught us - irs
Bad wimmen
Boom creek - s/t - n/a Canadian
Sex Beat
Gun Club - Fire of love - ruby
What is
Wipers - over the edge - zeno
What goes on
Velvet Underground - best of
hard charging woman
Zephyr - s/t - probe
Metallica - Kill em all - elektra
ti odio
Subsistench - Nessuna speranza per i subsistenza - n/a Canadian
Electric Glitter Boogie
Power - Electric Glitter Boogie - cool death
String around a stick
Bog Log III - School bus - fat possum
Blue Velvet Band
Hasil Adkins - Moon over madison - Norton
Satori pt. 2
Travellin Flowers Band - Satori - Pheonix
Interactive CKCU