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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday June 8th, 2016 with Neal
Cancon psychpunk

Automatic Shock - VA/ All Your Ears Can Hear - . Canadian
I can't cope
Panic - Bad Fantasies - n/a Canadian
Rhythm of Cruelty - Dysphoria - Crude City Records Canadian
Shadows of your mind
Plastic Cloud - s/t - Lion Canadian
Don't run away
British North American Act - in the beginning - Now Canadian
You do things
49th Parrallel - 45 - rca Victor Canadian
Fire in the Sky
Holy Cobras - Forever - Telephone Explosion Canadian
Lens of the Static Mirror
Panopticon Eyelids - Overwhelming Visions - Carved in Lava Canadian
Orange Juice and Velvet UnderWear
Intersystems - Number one - Cortical Systems Canadian
Downward Spiral
Ultrathin - Minimum Payout EP - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Negative genes
Soupcans - Good feeling - Telephone explosion Canadian
No Negative - The good never comes - Psychic Handshake & Swollen City Canadian
Ultrathin - Minimum Payout EP - Bruised Tongue Canadian
Speed city (acid rock)
Jim Ashby - 45 - Speed City records Canadian
Ripped apart by metal explosions
Galt McDermott - Up from the basement vol. 1 - Kilmanark Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for turning me onto the rhythm of cruelty!!!

5:14 PM, June 8th, 2016
Neal Johnstone (host)
no prob. there's a short documentary about them on youtubes

5:17 PM, June 8th, 2016