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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday June 24th, 2015 with Neal
Winging it Wednesday

Den of iniquity
Norman Haines Band - Den of iniquity - Acid Nightmare
Mind train jam
Sundial - Psychedlic psauna - Delerium
Loop - Heaven's End - Reactor
Police truck
Dead Kennedys - Give me convenience... - Alternative Tentacles
This time
Wipers - Over the Edge - Gift of life
Asile - Kitchessippi Toxique - Chaos Rurale Canadian
Negative Zeros
Teenanger - EP LP - Telephone Explosion Canadian
Crabe - Mort de fraiche date Canadian
Touch me I"m sick
Mudhoney - Superfuzz big muff - Sub pop
Parchman Farm Blues
Bukka White - the Complete - Columbia
Mortal Blues
Walkingseeds - S/T - Shimmy Disc
Thats why I always dress in black
Blackjacks - VA/ Lets breed - Throbbing Lobster
I can't stand it
Velvet Underground - 1969 vol. 2 - Mercury
My Brothers Wife
Butthole Surfers - Electric larryland - Capitol
Interactive CKCU
Mike P.
Looking forward to partying with the Upstairs Neighbour Canada Day!

5:53 PM, June 24th, 2015
Great playlist! Totally enjoying the tunes...

8:12 PM, June 25th, 2015