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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday April 29th, 2015 with Neal
behind the shadows of a van

Looking at you
MC5 - 66 Breakout - Total Energy
Shadows of you
Julie Driscoll - n/a - Springboard
Walters van
Ville Emard Blues Band - s/t - Funkebec Canadian
Stained Sheets
James White & the Blacks - off White - Munster
It's to hot to
Condition - ...from Montreal - Og Canadian
No grats
Rent Boys Inc. - 45 - n/a Canadian
Whichwhat - Lovin Fire - Psychic Circle
The greatest hits by god
Quest For Fire - Lights from Paradise - tee pee Canadian
Binboganin kizi
Baris Manco - Istanbul 70 - Nublu
Astronautas a Mercurio
Sonora Casino - VA/ Obsession - Bully
Interactive CKCU