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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday January 14th, 2015 with Neal
the journey to ...

Gila copter
Revolting cocks - Linger fickin good
Revolution will not be televised
Gil Scott Heron - Revolution will not be televised
Buffalo - Volcanic rock
Hate songs
Fudge Tunnel - Hate songs in E minor
Burning White Light
Nervous System - Burning White Light Canadian
lady godiva's operation
Velvet Underground - White light white heat
One of you - S/T - Little Ax records Canadian
orange juice and velvet underwear
Intersystems - Number one - Cortical foundation Canadian
hurrican fighter plane
Red Krayola - parable of arable land
you & I
Silver Apples - contact
mole machine
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs revisited Canadian
Kraftwerk - first album