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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday November 12th, 2014 with Neal
Iggy Pop Story Part 2

1982/03/15 : NO FUTURE NOW : "The Iggy Pop Story : Part 2, Calling sister midnight. The stooges collapse, and Iggy's floundering career is salvaged by one Mr. David Bowie" Trans FM magazine March 1982.
Iggy Pop - Interview - 1981
New Values
Iggy Pop - New Values - Arista
Ich Brauche Jemand (I Need Somebody)
Ronnie Urini & the Last Poets - The Slough Of Iggy & The Iguanas - Paradox
Interactive CKCU
Neal, I left you a few of our releases in your mailslot - thought there might be some stuff you may enjoy - I know you have played The Swell Maps before and Nikki Sudden from the Swell Maps recorded a TVP cover for us which is on one of the samplers

5:11 PM, November 12th, 2014
Neal Johnstone (host)
Cool, thanks Wally. I noticed the discs in my box. I was definitely intrigued, and will give them a listen.

5:16 PM, November 12th, 2014
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