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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday September 17th, 2014 with Neal
Random shtuff

Charlee - S/T - rca Canadian
Pas besoin de personne
Connexion - S/T - rca Canadian
Bustin out
Christmas - Heritage - Daffodil Canadian
Goin down
Walter Rossi - S/T - Aquarius Canadian
Johnny Blade
Black Sabbath - Never say die - Warner Canadian
Tom Cat
Pollution - Heir - Capitol
I'm gonna booglarize you baby
Captain Beefheart - Spotlight kid - reprise
the Flowering
Laughing Soupdish - We are the dish - voxx
Psilocybin spot
Dementia 13 - S/T - Midnight records
Brain Damage in Athen city
Acid Baby Jesus - 7" - Slovenly New
Soupcans - s/t - telephone explosion Canadian
Where are they know
Fifth Column - to sir with hate - Hide Canadian
he's seeing paths
Parquet courts - Tally all the things you broke