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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday June 4th, 2014 with Neal
mostly Stoner rock

there's no vibration, but wait
Edgar Broughton Band - Sing brother sing - Harvest
Summers gonna be my gurl
the go - s/t - Lizard king
the Chosen Few - A root and a beer - Au go go
Trigger pulls the finger
the Red Pony - S/T - Subphonic Canadian
Sleep - Black Sabbath: An earache tribute - Earache
Kyuss - Blues for a red sun - Dali
Alabama Thunder pussy - River City Revival - Man's Ruin
Gathering Speed
Fu Manchu - Daredevil - Bong Load
King Kung - Smashin Glass... - Subphonic Canadian
Cloud King
Solarized - Neanderthal Speedway - Man's Ruin
Now the demons
Klovenhoofs - Infectious hooves Canadian
Lightsaber cocksucker blues
McClusky - McClusky do Dallas