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The Upstairs Neighbour
Wednesday March 27th, 2013 with Neal Johnstone
voodooish tunes

fifth show
Young Men Dead
Black Angels - Passover - Light from the Attic
Run To Your Mama
Goat - World Music - Rocket
Oh No Not The Beast Day
Marsha Hunt 22 - 45rpm - Vertigo
Kill The Hairy Beast
Efrem - 45rpm - RCA Victor Canadian
Where Ya at Mule
Dr. John - Sun Moon and Herbs - Atco
The Ohbeah Man
Exuma - S/T - Repertoire
Fall of Saigon
This Heat - Made Available - These
Cold Night for Alligators
Roky Erickson - Evil One - Sympathy
No Angel Or Demon
Witchcraft - S/T - Rise Above
Be Forwarned
Macabre - 45rpm - Relapse
This Hisses - Surf Noir - Transistor 666 Canadian
Dagger Eyes - S/T - P.Trash Canadian
Go - S/T - Lizard King