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OPIRG Roots Radio
Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 with DJ Maleeka, DJ Haller, DJ Walden, DJ Eloise
Satire, Indy Media, and Consent Culture

Hey everyone, DJ Haller here. Many apologies for not having this uploaded sooner, but here it is! Today's show was a nice change with more content than music. We started off with DJ Eloise providing some reportage on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, followed by DJ Maleeka talking with a rep from the Consent Culture Committee. Wrapping it all up we had DJ Walden hosting a panel with the editors of the Syrup Trap and Carleton's own Hallowed Hedgehog on the intersections of satire, social justice, and indy media.
Real Pain
TV Freaks - - Canadian
Down Below
RawRawRiot - - Canadian
Yukon Blonde - - Canadian
Air Raid
Rejected Scums - -
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