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OPIRG Roots Radio
Tuesday December 8th, 2015 with DJ Haller, DJ Eisenstadt
Carleton BoG Gags Committee (and Not in a Fun Way)

Get ready for our penultimate show of 2015! We'll be trying for some comprehensive coverage of the controversy surrounding the Carleton BoG as of late. We'll be talking to Root Gorelick (professor, board member, and public blogger) who has refused to sign a gag order that the BoG has thrust at him. Gorelick's opinion is that it's the boards duty to make this information available to the community, and he doesn't feel it's right to have them try to silence his reportage. We'll also be talking to Michael Bueckert, GSA Prez, about the list of demands that they (and several other cosigners) have for the BoG, shoudl they truly wish to operate in a democratic, transparent, and accountable way. We've also a nice grab bag of music ready for you as well, so tune in!
Towanda - - Canadian
Ghost Dad
The BCASA - - Canadian
Fight the Power
Public Enemy - -
Old and WEird - - Canadian
Main Stream
The New Swears - - Canadian
Not a Crime
Gogol Bordello - -
The Dreadnought
The Dreadnoughts - - Canadian
Modern Life
Astral Gunk - - Canadian
Higgs Boson Blues
Nick Cave - -
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