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Two Man Advantage
Tuesday March 17th, 2020 with Stuart Miller-Davis and Michael Sun
COVID-19 and the world of sports

COVID-19 is affecting every moment of our lives right now. The NBA, NHL and many other leagues across the world have suspended play. U Sports ended a number of its end of year championships. This show will be full of how sports have largely shut its doors during the pandemic. We are also going to talk about the rumour mill surrounding Carleton's women's basketball coaching job. Please stay properly informed about this situation and do your part in social distancing. It's a public health crisis and we need everyone pitching in to fight it. Even if that means cuddling up on the couch and watching your favourite sports highlights on a loop!
When My Train Pulls In
Gary Clark JR - Blak and Blu
Adam Davidson-Harden - Songs From The Ending Road Canadian
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