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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday December 20th, 2022 with TK
Music from Ottawa Musicians!

Welcome back to the Carleton Music Showcase! This week we're playing music from Ottawa musicians. Enjoy!
Car Crash in G Major
fanclubwallet - Car Crash in G Major Canadian
Solstice 2: Reprise
Nighttime in Kansas - Solstice Canadian
Wish You Would
Alexis Neon - Wish You Would (Single) Canadian
Simple Math
Kathleen Edwards - Total Freedom Canadian
Curl Up in My Curls Girls
Subtle Curves - Sanitary Clapping Canadian
With Me
Alanna Sterling - Mind / Matter Canadian
Anseo We Smile, Jessica Bianconi - QUARANTINA Canadian
out 4 a breather
dad sports - out 4 a breather (Single) Canadian
we are not the barenaked ladies (we never were)
Dart Trees - music for dudes named ryan Canadian
Scott's Song
Neon Ghosthouse - Scott's Song Canadian
Bearings, Ryan Woods - Hello, It's You (Deluxe) Canadian
All My Dreams Of You
Alexis Neon - All My Dreams Of You (Single) Canadian
Julie Chery, AP - Free (Single) Canadian
Rachel Warkentin - Breathe (Single)
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
Weren't Ready
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
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