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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday February 1st, 2022 with Vince
Carleton Music Showcase

Two To Play
Paragon Cause - Autopilot Canadian
Kick Me (When I'm Down)
Paragon Cause - Lies Between Us Canadian
Pleather Bed
Roberta Bondar - Hiss (EP) Canadian
Roberta Bondar - Hiss (EP) Canadian
Do It In The Dark
The Balconies - Fast Motions Canadian
Money Money
The Balconies - Rhonda Canadian
Light Years
Lisa Bozikovic - This Is How We Swim Canadian
Cut Ties
The thunes - Beating Around the Bush (EP) Canadian New
Make Believe
The Love Machine - Sweater Weather Canadian
Be A Path
The Love Machine - Canadian
Not There Tonight
Hilotrons - At Least There's Commotion Canadian
Up In Your Space
Hilotrons - Bella Simone Canadian
Carry On (Feat. Colleen Green)
Steve Adamyk Band - Graceland Canadian
Beautiful Lies
Ash Ravens - (single) Canadian
Interactive CKCU