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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 with TK
Brand new songs and artists!

Welcome back to the Carleton Music Showcase! This week I'm playing a show of brand new songs, brand new artists, and some lesser played songs on the Showcase! Come hear some incredible new music from Carleton students, alumni, and Ottawa musicians!
Is It Like That
Kelsey Hayes - Is It Like That (Shot In The Dark Sessions) Canadian
Purple Haven
Detox - Purple Haven (Single) Canadian
City Light
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
Landfill Harmonic
Spencer Scharf - Landfill Harmonic (Shot In The Dark Sessions) Canadian
A Man
Renee Landry - A Man (Shot In The Dark Sessions) Canadian
Alexis Neon - Hush (Single) Canadian
Drop and Dance
Harea Band - Drop and Dance (Shot In The Dark Sessions) Canadian
Alicia Kayley - Stay (Rihanna Cover) Canadian
Silhouette (feat. Jessica Bianconi)
Anseo We Smile - Quarentina Canadian
Rachel Warkentin - Breathe (Single) Canadian
Free (feat. AP)
Julie Chery - Free (Single) Canadian
Angelo Leo - Vision Canadian
World's a Bitch (feat. Carole Pope)
Church of Trees & Rob Preuss - World's a Bitch (Single) Canadian
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian