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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday March 23rd, 2021 with TK
The weather is nice and we are back live!

Welcome back to the Carleton Music Showcase! I'm very happy to back this week and very thankful for the patience with last week's re-run. Things have been incredibly busy and stressful so I had to step away for a week but I am back! This week I play some favourites from the showcase and enjoy the nice weather we're finally having! Enjoy! ~As of today, I will be posting the mental health resource list every week on the show page to make it more accessible to anyone who needs it. Sending lots of love! ~
One Shot
Claire Kuzmyk - One Shot (Single) Canadian
Angelo Leo - Vision Canadian
Whistling in the Dark
Cailey Marwood - Whistling in the Dark (Single) Canadian
Get To You
Kurtis Adamus - Get To You (Single) Canadian
Elle Anido - Stars (Single) Canadian
Jian D.K - Time (Single) Canadian
Main Character Complex
Sorry Snowman - Sorry Snowman Canadian
Jessica Bianconi - Heavy (Single) Canadian
Emm Crites - Company (Single) Canadian
As The World Ignites
Joseph - As The World Ignites (Single) Canadian
Lucila Al Mar - 24 (Live Session) Canadian
Hearts Cry (Acoustic)
Julie Chery - Matters of the Heart (EP) Canadian
On Joseph's Hill
Jordan King - On Joseph's Hill (Live Session) Canadian

*Please remember if you or a loved one are in any imminent harm to call 911*

CARLETON (Livestreams on Instagram @cutherapydog and Virtual Office Hours!)

OTTAWA (Ages 16+, 24/7) (Ages 18 and under, 24/7) (For multiple resources including mental health)
Interactive CKCU