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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday January 12th, 2021 with TK
New music from Alexis Neon and Carter Hickey's "Song of the Year" nomination!

Welcome back to the Carleton Music Showcase! This week I play a brand new song from Indie-Pop duo Alexis Neon, and tell you about the incredible "Song of the Year" nomination that our CMS co-host Carter Hickey has received!
All My Dreams Of You
Alexis Neon - All My Dreams Of You (Single) Canadian New
On Joseph's Hill
Jordan King - On Joseph's Hill (Live Session) Canadian
Whistling in the Dark
Cailey Marwood - Whistling in the Dark (Single) Canadian
Elle Anido - Deathwish (Single) Canadian
Shadow Dance
Jessica Bianconi - Jessica Bianconi (EP) Canadian
Get To You
Kurtis Adamus - Get To You (Single) Canadian
Heart on Lockdown
Carter Hickey - Mindsight Canadian
Our CMS co-host Carter Hickey has been nominated for "Song of the Year" at the 11th Annual Ottawa Awards for his song "Heart on Lockdown!" You can vote for him every day until January 30th when the winners will be announced on! Congratulations Carter!

Must Be a Dream
Harea Band - Must Be a Dream (Single) Canadian
Angelo Leo - Vision Canadian
As The World Ignites
Joseph - As The World Ignites (Single) Canadian
Emm Crites - Company (Single) Canadian
Jian D.K - Time (Single) Canadian
I Wish
Elle Anido - If I Like Your Music I Might Fall In Love
Alexis Neon

Jordan King

Cailey Marwood

Elle Anido

Jessica Bianconi

Kurtis Adamus

Carter Hickey

Harea Band

Angelo Leo


Emm Crites

Jian D.K
It's okay to ask for help when you need it. It's okay to not be okay sometimes. There are resources for you and people who care. I am one of those people :) Here are some resources if you or a friend is in need of help. Sending lots of love, always.

*Please remember if you or a loved one are in any imminent harm to call 911*

CARLETON (Livestreams on Instagram @cutherapydog and Virtual Office Hours!)

OTTAWA (Ages 16+, 24/7) (Ages 18 and under, 24/7) (For multiple resources including mental health)
Interactive CKCU
Hi! I thought I had hit 'post comment' but didn't 😭 oof. Thank you SO MUCH for playing my song. The support means so much and I truly appreciate it!!! Thanks so much again! Ur a great host, great show β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

8:29 PM, March 16th, 2021