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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday August 13th, 2019 with Laura Falco

No Mistakesin Space / Anthems of the Void / The Haig @ House of Targ - Empty Nesters / Sleep Late / Deathsticks @ Black Squirrel Books - The Leanover / Sparklesaurus / The Monotymes / The Kommenden @ House of Targ -
With Heat
Bodywash - Canadian New
No Mistakes in Space - No Mistakes in Space Canadian
Anthems of the Void - Canadian New
Starfruit (Galore)
The Haig - Template for Disaster Canadian
Duster 2
Empty Nesters - Canadian New
Deathsticks - Dethstyx Canadian
Lucky Lucy
Sleep Late - Castle Temp Canadian
Forward and Back
The Leanover - Portico Canadian New
Sparklesaurus - Sparklesaurus Canadian
Honey Baby
The Monotymes - Love Sick Canadian
Romance disguised as friendship
The Kommenden - Canadian
Wax Cowboy - Scott! Canadian New
Central Booking
Common Holly - Canadian New
On My Mind
Mark ii - Canadian New
Then Again
Half Moon Run - Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
great tunes so far, thanks!

1:33 PM, August 13th, 2019
Laura Falco (host)
Glad you enjoy !!

1:37 PM, August 13th, 2019