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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday May 29th, 2018 with Laura Falco
It's summer in the city and oh do we have some live music events for you!

The Shakes
Wine Lips - Wine Lips Canadian
Holding Out
Edward Sayers - Underdog Overlord Canadian
The Very Last Night of the End of the World
Craig Cardiff - Floods & Fires Canadian
Lovegood - Single Canadian
Rage Without
Subtle Curves - Single Canadian New
Byi - 7 Canadian New
Byi - 7 Canadian New
So Right
Sparklesaurus - Single Canadian
Dance With My Skeletons
Fluffy Little Cowboys - No Angel Canadian
Smoking Kills
Zachariah - Come As You Are! Canadian
Garrett Warner - Summer Songs Canadian
York St.
leMeow - York St. Canadian
When I Look Back
Lev Snowe - Single Canadian
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