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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday February 20th, 2018 with Matthew filling in

Get Rhythm
Johnny Cash - Best of
the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash is Saturday at the Rainbow Bistro. A fundraiser for CKCU, presented by Greg and Lefty from the Friday Night Truck Stop. See you there!
Trouble to the Train
Alistair Christl - 8 Songs By Alistair Christl Canadian
I'm Not Crying Over You
Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me Canadian
Bigger Bed
Carolyn Mark - The Pros and Cons of Collaboration Canadian
Glory to the Day
Chris Coole & Ivan Rosenberg - Return to Trion Canadian
And they Still Move
Colin Stetson/Sarah Neufeld - Never Were the Way She Was Canadian
Night Drive
Garnet Rogers - Night Drive Canadian
Highway 420
Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think Canadian
Cry Bitter Rain
Edgar Breau - Patches of Blue Canadian
Sandoz in the Rain
Amon Duul II - Yeti
Interactive CKCU