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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday October 17th, 2017 with Laura Falco
Upcoming events with Spencer Scharf, The Tackies, and Moonfruits!

Les Marins
Moonfruits - Shot in the Dark Series Canadian
Little Mountain Girl
Meredith Brown - Shot in the Dark Series Canadian
Garrett Warner - Summer Songs Canadian
Pull Me Through
Vincent Bishop - Out of the Dark Canadian
Landfill Harmonic
Spencer Scharf - Times Of Change Canadian
Don't You Change
Tribe Royal - Colours of The Sun Canadian
Here I Am
Nile Groove - Shot in the Dark Series Canadian
Make Waves
The Tackies - Beach Party Canadian
Days Like These
No King - No King Canadian
La Veuve
Moonfruits - Ste-Quequepart Canadian
Danielle Allard - Chameleon Canadian
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