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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday May 16th, 2017 with Laura Falco & Crystalena Paquette

Une Fois de Trop
Billy Love Band - Billy Love Band EP Canadian
Tomorrow Is Another Day
Jasen Colson - Tomorrow Is Another Day Canadian
Cities & Lovers
Gold Complex - Gold Complex Canadian
Make Waves
The Tackies - Beach Party Canadian
Low Light
Hillsburn - Hillsburn Canadian New
Turn It Up
Lemon Cash - Lemon Cash EP Canadian
Baba Yaga
Riishi Von Rex - Shed Your Helmet EP Canadian
Garrett Warner - Summer Songs Canadian New
I Don't Like You Anymore
Lindsay Thompson - Single Canadian
Crystalena - Single Canadian
Billy Love Band - Billy Love Band EP Canadian
Metronome Jones - Metronome jones Canadian
Tonight's The Night For Freedom
Bella Cat - Single Canadian
Nada Direito
Rommel Ribeiro - Nada Direito Canadian
Interactive CKCU