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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday August 30th, 2016 with Garret Warner and Andrew Knox
Carleton Music Showcase

Introducing Andrew Knox, one of our new hosts for the Carleton Music Showcase. We take you through a wide variety of Canadian content and put a spotlight on local talented artists.
Monday I Retire - Summer Singles Canadian
Hold Up, Hold On
Blakdenim - Vanguard(En) Canadian
Eru-Era - N/A Canadian
Drop and Dance
Harea Band - All the Hits EP Canadian
Malak - N/A Canadian
Those Were The Days
Petr Cancura - Down Home Canadian
California Chrome
Suits 'n Toques - Forno Canadian
Bone Dance
Roddy Ellias - Oasis Canadian
What You Wanted Was So Simple
Roddy Ellias/Donna Brown - Acts of Light Canadian
If Music Heals Your Soul
Vincent Bishop - Out Of The Dark Canadian
The Beeched Wailers - Johnson Lake Sessions Canadian
Ordinary Woman
Logan Brown - NUBS Canadian
Interactive CKCU