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Carleton Music Showcase
Tuesday April 15th, 2014 with David Aardvark
red hot music selections

Let me Put My Suitcase Down
Andre Ethier - w/ Christopher Sandes ft. Pickles and Price - Sonic Unyon Canadian
Le Nombre - Vile & Fantastique - Bon Sound Canadian
Xavier Cafeine - New Love - Indica Canadian
Foxy By Proxy
Blurtonia - S/T - Grenadine Canadian
Auto Pilot
Yellow #5 - Demon Crossing - Scat
Me Queda Um Bejou
The Gris Gris - S/T - Birdman
interview with Paul "Yogi" Granger from HOUSE OF TARG!!! Opening night is Thursday with live music from PUP
Dark Days
Pup - _ - Side One Dummy Canadian
Raided Premise Discotheque
The Jerry Gross Organization - EP Canadian
Tooth Decay
Holy Cobras - _ Canadian
I'm A Radio Station
Elevator - A Taste Of Complete Perspective - Teenage USA Canadian