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I Doug That

I Doug That
Thursday February 25th, 2021 with Doug Bird
My tribute to Black History Month. How I discovered the real blues players. Even though I discovered some darn fine white blues players along the way. Back to the future? Or future to the back?

The Groove
David Wilcox - Boy In The Boat Canadian
When The Levee Breaks
John Campbell - Howling Mercy
I Ain't Superstitious
Jeff Beck - Truth
Floating Bridge
Eric Clapton - Another Ticket
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 1
Loanshark Blues
Rory Gallagher - Blues
King Of The Blues
Jack de Keyzer - Six String Lover Canadian
Let The Love In
Philip Sayce - Silver Wheel Of Stars Canadian
The Ballad Of Johnny Wabo
Steve Hill - Solo Recordings Vol 1 Canadian
Bad Feeling
David Wilcox - My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble Canadian
Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider
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