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I Doug That
Thursday December 14th, 2017 with Doug Bird

The Groove
David Wilcox - Boy In The Boat Canadian
Cloud 9
George Harrison - Best Of The Dark Horse Years
Wild T - Givin' Blood Canadian
Detroit Breakdown
J. Geils Band - Nightmares And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle
Steve Hill - Domino Canadian
Thank You
JW Jones - Belmont Blvd. Canadian
Real Stuff
Colin James - Bad Habits Canadian
Pain And Sorrow
Joe Banamassa - No Good Place For The Lonely
Bustin' Out For Rosie
Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes
Don't Burn Me
Leslie West - The Great Fatsby
The Arson's Match
Peter Karp - The Turning Point
All Your Affection Is Gone
Dion Payton - The New Bluebloods
Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
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