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Heavy Friends
Saturday October 6th, 2012 with Steve Kirkland for Lady Mary

Firends and listeners of Lady Mary -- please remember that CKCU's Funding Drive looms large, and that there will be three "live" opportunities (October 20, 27 and November 4)to show your appreciation and support for her efforts and those of her Heavy Friends... On Demand has offered the opportunity to listen back online to the program, anytime, which is also a good time to make that pledge (see the station's homepage for more details!)
Friend's Friend's Friend
AUDIENCE - Friend's Friend Friend - 1970, Charisma
the Mental Traveller (Musical bed throughout)
DAVID AXELROD - Songs of Innocence - 1968, Capitol
On this date, October 6, in 1966, the State of California outlawed LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), a drug which was by then already making countercultural inroads, and which would leave an indelible mark on popular music
What Do You Turn On When You Turn On
TIMOTHY LEARY - You Can Be Anyone This TIme Around - 1968, Broadside
Sandoz in the Rain
AMON DUUL II - Yeti - 1970, Liberty
LSD Rain
CREEF - Good Herbs - 1986, Independent Canadian
PRETTY THINGS - Emotions - 1966, Fontana
Coming Down
the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - the United States of America - 1968, Columbia
PRETTY THINGS - 7-inch ep - 1965, Fontana
Owsley Stanley aka "Bear", had the distinction of being probably the best known figure in the annals of LSD history in its American musical context,given his prominence in San Francisco counterculture. As a crafts-person cum large-scale LSD cook, he became known simply as 'Owsley'.
SPECTRUM - Songs for Owsley - 1996, Reprise
Demented Man
HAWKWIND - Warrior on the Edge of Time - 1975 United Artists
At this point, I am abruptly abandoniong both the whole Bay Area acid-rock story, shifting focus to music by/for/in tribute to a handful of musicians renowned for their penchant for LSD and its effects on them as much as their music. Acid casualties? First up, Syd Barrett...
No Use Trying
SYD BARRETT - the Madcap Laughs - 1970, Harvest
Octopus (Syd Barrett cover)
PLASTICLAND - V.A.: Beyond the Wildwood - 1986, Imaginary
In 2003, an Italian named Marco Sirico put together a project mashing together 60 10-second snippets of musical/verbal/noisy excerpts of Syd Barrett's song "Vegetable Man", a track covered by a number of artists over the years. I chose the Soft Boys version over the Jesus and Mary Chain's simply arbitrarily...
Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man - soundbite collage
VARIOUS ARTISTS - the Vegetable Man 10" Project - 2003, Oggetti Volkanti Non Identifcatio
Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett cover)
the SOFT BOYS - Underwater Moonlight - 1978, Attic
Roky Erickson was the main vocalist in Texas psyschedelic legends the 13th Floor Elevators, a band that ran into early trouble with lawmakers in the mid 1960s. Roky is assumed to have been irreversibly negatively affected, if not by LSD, then by shock treatment or whatever other psychotherapy he received in a mental hospital where he opted to spend time in lieu of prison for a drug offence. Sky Saxon was named "Sunlight", and caried his trippy visions beyond the 1960s into subsequent decades. Maybe the jury's out on whether Don Van Vliet's (the good Captain) well-chronicled mad-genius megalomaniacal behaviour as musical visionary are tied to use of hallucinogens...
the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - the Psychedelic Sounds of... - 1966, International Artists
I Think of Demons
ROKY ERICKSON - Runes - 1979, CBS
Pictures and Designs
the SEEDS - Web of Sound - 1966, GNP Crescendo
Ah Feel Like Ah-cid / Safe As Milk
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and His MAGIC BAND - Strictly Personal - 1968, Blue Thumb
Acid, Pot and Pills
HORACE SILVER QUINTET (w SALOME BEY voc) - Total Response - 1972, Blue Note
LOVE - Da Capo - 1967, Elektra