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Heavy Friends
Saturday September 15th, 2012 with Lady Diane, with Meester Beel
Lady Mary and Heavy Friends

Wearing the Robes of Bible Black
Giant Sand - The Love Songs - Demon (1988)
Who Do You Love
Smith - A Group Called Smith - A&M (1969)
I've Been the One
The Golden Paliminos - Blast of Silence - Celluloid (1986)
Break It
The Reigning Sound - Love and Curses - In The Red (2009)
Hearts on FIre
Gram Parsons - Grevious Angel - Warner Bros. (1974)
Bound to Get Lonely
The Deadly Snakes - Porcella - In The Red (2006) Canadian
Old Man on the Corner
Fraser and Debolt - Fraser and Debolt (with Ian Guenther) - Fallout (orig 1971) Canadian
Set 1 rundown (yep, country-fried, folks). Speaking of friying, for some reason there appears to be this disaster film-theme following the two of us lately. This week: The Towering Inferno. Fire will
Main Title
Stu Phillips - Battlestar Galactica (OST) - MCA (1978)
When The Future Caught on Fire
Chinese Food - When The Future Caught on Fire - Independent (2008) Canadian
Running Fever
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Cut Down EP - Homestead (1986)
Fireball of Love
Shocking Bluie - At Home - Red Bullet (1969, reissue 2010)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Polydor (1968)
The Sisters of Mercy - Some GIrls Wander By Mistake - Warner UK (1992)
Smoke SIgnals
The Rick White Album - 137 - Blue Fog (2009) Canadian
We May Never Love Like This Again
Maureen McGovern - The Towerin Inferno OST - Warner (1975)
Brown Rain
Victor Brady - Brown Rain - Polydor (1970)
We quench the distrous Towering Inferno thread with a little Brown Rain. And now, to celebrate the debut of Peter Falk as Columbo on September 15, 1971.
Steroid Maximus - Quilombo - Big Cat (1991)
Sherlock Holmes
The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded - In The Red (2009)
Call Link Wray
Deja Voodoo - Big Pile of Mud - Og (1988) Canadian
The Forbidden DImension - Somebody Down There Likes Me - Cargo (1993) Canadian
And now for the disaster you were all waiting for...Lady Diane and Meester Beel run out of themes!!
Stand By The Door
Audience - Lunch - Elektra (1972)
Away From the Family
Jade - Fly on Strangewings - Guerszen (1970, reissue 2012)
A Story From Tom Bitz
Kaliedescope - Faintly Blowing - Tapestry (1969)
And I Thank You
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love - Jagjaguar (2009) Canadian
Danger (orig 1976)
The Lijadu Sisters - The Lijadu Sisters At Afrodisia 1976-79 - Soul Jazz (2011)
Interactive CKCU
Theme Park
running out of themes - was that a tom petty song?

1:39 PM, September 21st, 2012
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