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Heavy Friends
Saturday July 16th, 2022 with Heavy Ben
The Return of the Son of... Long Summer Days, Long Songs

Long songs have always been my friend as a DJ. With the long summer days, let's not rush the mix. The biological aspect is that it takes 10 minutes for your body to align with the sounds, enter an altered state, and benefit from the healing power of music.
Hour one
Don't Say No
Can - Saw Delight - Harvest - 1977
Go For The Others
Sail-Joia - Sail-Joia - Philips - 1977
Tony Allen with Afrika 70 - Progress - Coconut - 1977
Ashra (Ash Ra Tempel / Manuel Göttsching) - New Age Of Earth - Virgin - 1977
Nostalgia 77 - Everything Under The Sun - Tru Thoughts - 2007
This Is The Ice Age
Martha And The Muffins - This Is The Ice Age - Dindisc - 1981 Canadian
Xarah Dion - Plein Nord - Zodiaque Musique - 2019 Canadian
Rank & File
Wordburglar - Welcome To Cobra Island - (self-released) - 2013 Canadian
Zil Zil (Contaminacion)
Les Frères Smith - Contreband Mentality - ©© les freres Smith, Comet - 2011
Hour two
To Promote Illogical Thinking
Madlib - Medicine Show No. 10 - Black Soul - Madlib Invazion - 2010
Sing Me A Song Today
Gary Bartz - Follow, The Medicine Man - Prestige - 1973
Cuss Cuss + version
Lloyd Robinson - (single) - Harry J Records - 1984
Lord Funk
Super Funk Special - Super Funk Special - Columbia - 1972
Manitoba - Jacknuggeted EP - Leaf - 2003 Canadian
Chicano Chant
El Chicano - Revolución (Revolucion) - Kapp - 1971
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
Welcome to this sunny summer's eve on CKCU

8:04 PM, July 16th, 2022
You should include the song Womb by Skyray in the future and it will probably take up almost all your time slot at around 75 minutes long and it's even a great song, but on a shorter note The Presence by Crispy Ambulance is a favourite long song probably more around the 13 minute mark

8:05 PM, July 16th, 2022
Dave JC
Once of my favourite Can tracks

8:05 PM, July 16th, 2022
Here is the Crispy Ambulance song if you never hears it before - And loving the Can song 👌👏👏👏

8:07 PM, July 16th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Wally, thanks for the recommendations! I've been trying to find the "Live On A Hot August Night" 12" for years, but have never come across it. Rare in Canada. Re: Womb, sometimes an hour+ track is just what I need...

8:30 PM, July 16th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Dave JC. Yeah "Don't Say No" and all of Saw Delight don't get the same attention as the early 70s Can. No Damo, not much Holger, but a terrific vibe of an album

8:31 PM, July 16th, 2022
Yes the 12" EP is quite hard to find these days and If I ever come across another copy at a reasonable price, I will let you know.

8:33 PM, July 16th, 2022
Aligned altered and healed Pastor Ben

8:53 PM, July 16th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Eddy, the Gospel comes to Heavy Friends

9:23 PM, July 16th, 2022
Thanks for stretching it out Ben.

9:27 PM, July 16th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Chris, hope you are aligned with Lord Funk

9:32 PM, July 16th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks for stretchin' out like Bootsy's rubber band with us on Heavy Friends tonight

9:57 PM, July 16th, 2022
Dave JC
Yeah Ben, totally agree about that album being a bit of a gem, and not getting the same attention and being pretty damn good album without those folks not being in the lineup

10:29 PM, July 16th, 2022