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Heavy Friends
Saturday November 7th, 2020 with Pink Veil, Chris International, Heavy Lina, Jas Nasty & Heavy Ben
Funding Drive show #3! Happy 77th birthday to Joni Mitchell

Pink Veil kicks things off with a couple of cash-themed tracks to get you in a generous mood during our last funding drive show of 2020
4 American Dollars
US Girls - Heavy Light - Royal Mountain Records Canadian
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way - Numero Group Canadian
Over to Chris International

Three covers of the Hendrix classic. Pick your fave and let us know over there ---->
Purple Haze
Dion - 7" - 1969 - Laurie
Purple Haze
Flying Lizards - Top Ten - 1984 - Statik
Niebla Morada (Purple Haze)
Meridian Brothers - 7" - 2013 - SoundWay
Lady Mary, founder of Heavy Friends was a music lover of the highest degree. Here are tracks from three records I received from Mary in years past. Thank you Mary for all you did!
Sunshine Superman
Mel Torme - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - 1969 - Capitol
The Bounce
Fantastic Johnny C - Boogaloo Down Broadway - 1968 - Phil L.A. of Soul
Je t' non plus
The Holy Drug Couple - Todo Muere Vol. 3 - 2013 - Sacred Bones
Heavy Lina up next
Delta 5 - Colour (7”) - Rough Trade ‎
I Never Knew
The Avocados - I Never Knew (7”) - Choo Choo Train Records ‎
Cold Café
Karen Marks - Cold Café (7”) - Astor ‎
Sound Of Love
Husky Rescue - Ship of Light - Catskills Records ‎
Confessions / [Life] After Dark ‎(7")
The Flowers - Confessions / [Life] After Dark ‎(7") - Pop Aural ‎
Under Your Spell
Desire - Under Your Spell (12”) - Italians Do It Better Canadian
Now over to Heavy Ben

Born today, saxophonist David S. Ware (1949 - 2012). Ware's career began in the early 70s and he played with avant garde and jazz luminaries Cecil Taylor, William Hooker, Butch Morris, Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Rashied Ali, and led a small group with Matthew Shipp and William Parker for decades.

Happy birthday to Joni Mitchell, born today in 1943! If you are looking for a way in to Joni's massive discography and you like jazz, try the records from the mid to late 70s that include collaborations with Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny and Charles Mingus.

Born today, Algerian-French author and philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960). Camus won the Nobel prize in literature at the age of 44, and was killed at the age of 46 in a car accident in France. Camus' philosophy was known to be "absurdist". Here are selections inspired by Camus' books L'Etranger (The Stranger or The Outsider), La Peste (The Plague), and La Chute (The Fall).

Please note that the title of the song by The Cure refers to a scene in L'Etranger that talks about The Stranger... "Standing on a Beach" (the name of a Cure compilation). In 1979, the book "The Stranger" was sent to media by Polydor during the promo campaign. In 1986, a sticker on North-American releases says:
"The song Killing An Arab has absolutely no racist overtones whatsoever. It is a song which decries the existence of all prejudice and consequent violence. The Cure condemn its use in furthering anti-Arab feeling."

The group L'Etranger includes "Chuck" Angus on bass. Charlie Angus has been a federal Member of Parliament for the riding of Timmins—James Bay for the NDP since 2004.

We close with a message for Donald J.

If you can guess that sax solo, put your guess in the comments

Great job on the 2020 funding drive! Thank you to those who have contributed and if you have not done so, please make your donation and help keep Heavy Friends and CKCU rolling.
Crystal Palace
David S. Ware / Cooper-Moore / William Parker / Muhammad Ali - Planetary Unknown - AUM Fidelity - 2011
Black Crow
Joni Mitchell - Hejira - Asylum - 1976 Canadian
Killing An Arab
The Cure - The Peel Sessions - Strange Fruit - 1988 (recorded 1978)
Today's Papers
L'Etranger - Innocent Hands - Sensible Record Company - 1982 Canadian
Crystal Castles - III - Last Gang - 2012 Canadian
Leave The Capitol
The Fall - Slates - Rough Trade - 1981
Back to Pink Veil for a min-set and donor thank-yous
The Jungle Line
Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns - Asylum Canadian
Yves Jarvis - Sundry Rock Song Stock - ANTI Canadian New
Nont for Sale
Sudan Archives - Sink EP - Stones Throw
And over to Jas Nasty to finish things off
Debiinaawe Giizhigon
Melody McKiver - Debiinaawe Giizhigon - self released 2020 Canadian New
On November 14, 1975, Canadian radio history was made. When the strains of Joni Mitchell’s “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio” transmitted over the airwaves at 93.1 FM, CKCU became the first campus-based community radio station in the country. I really love Joni Mitchell so it was hard to just choose one song! I plan to do a full Joni show on a future edition of Heavy Friends.
CKCU will be 45 in week from tonight so tune in to hear Heavy Ben host a 45 extravaganza show!
Joni Mitchell - Blue - Reprise 1971 Canadian
Harry's House - Centerpiece
Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns - Elektra 1975 Canadian
Sex Kills
Joni Mitchell - Turbulent Indigo - Reprise 1994 Canadian
Melody McKiver - Ziigwan (demo) - self released 2013 Canadian New
Hear With Me
Ziibiwan - Baby - self released 2020 Canadian New
Melody McKiver's music -

Ziibiwan - new track Hear With Me -

Thanks everyone for your ears, and your donations! If you can click and contribute, we would appreciate it -
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty
Happy Saturday Night!

8:06 PM, November 7th, 2020
Jas Nasty
Jackie Shane!

8:12 PM, November 7th, 2020
Yes Happy Saturday Night everyone! We're on air from 8-10pm to tonight to raise funds for the mighty CKCU! So stay right here for great show, and say hey, and don't forget to toss a few coins by hitting the" Donate Now" button!

8:18 PM, November 7th, 2020
Jas Nasty
Whoa all the versions are so good but I must choose Meridian Brothers!!

8:22 PM, November 7th, 2020
little miss lover
meridian bros

8:22 PM, November 7th, 2020
Those are definitely distinct Chris! I think the Meridian Brothers did it best!

8:23 PM, November 7th, 2020
All 3 options were good, but my vote's with the Meridian Brothers

8:24 PM, November 7th, 2020
Andrew Muir
Thanks heavies for so many reasons to keep listening to radio! And I donated!

8:28 PM, November 7th, 2020
Chris International
Wow, looks like it's the Meridian Brothers for the win. Def thought the Dion cover had some legs for it's laid back approach. Meridian Brothers might be my fave as well, but I'll say that unofficially! Maybe in the future we'll do another 3 version of Purple Haze. Thanks for the Hendrix knowledge Little Miss Lover!

8:30 PM, November 7th, 2020
Great Joni selection Ben!

9:03 PM, November 7th, 2020
Heavy Ben
Thanks, you too Jas - tough to pick only a few. Look fwd to a 2h Joni Mitchell show at some point.

9:54 PM, November 7th, 2020
Jas Nasty
Great show Heavies!

10:00 PM, November 7th, 2020
Jas Nasty
Thanks to everyone who donated!!!

10:00 PM, November 7th, 2020