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Heavy Friends
Saturday February 15th, 2020 with Pink Veil

My Dear Life
Mariangela - Mariangela - Telephone Explosion New
Home To You
Cate le Bon - Reward - Mexican Summer
Crimson Tide
Destroyer - Have We Met - Merge Records Canadian New
Destroyer - Kaputt - Merge Records Canadian
Everybody's Paris pt III (feat Dan Bejar)
Sandro Perri - In Another Life - Constellation Records Canadian
I Don't Want To Be Your Love (feat Dan Bejar)
Joseph Shabason - Anne EP - Western Vinyl Canadian
Helado Negro - This is How You Smile - RVNG Intl
Don't Come to the Woods
Backxwash - Deviancy - Grimalkin Records Canadian
After Images
Moor Mother - Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes - Don Giovanni
Goonda Gold
Cartel Madras - Age of the Goonda - Sub Pop Canadian
Hua Li - Dynasty - Next Door Records Canadian
First Flight
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Ears - Western Vinyl
Ylang Ylang - Interplay - Crash Symbols Canadian New
Kill Scene
Joyful Talk - Plurality Trip - Constellation Records Canadian
Butterfly 12 Komokyo
Joyful Talk - MUUIXX - Backward Music Canadian
Ylang Ylang - Mercurial/Obsidian - Personal Records Canadian
Bee Tender
JFM - JFM 7" - Personal Records Canadian
Druid in Ruins
JFM - JFM - Divorce Canadian
Langragian Point
Jacco Gardner - Somnium - Polyvinyl
Long Long Long
Zacht Automaat - ZA - Calico Corp Canadian
Undressed in Solitude feat. James Baley
Badge Epoque Ensemble - Badge Epoque Ensemble - Telephone Explosion Canadian
Mdou Moctar - Ibitlan - Sahel Sounds New
Kala Kala
Teke Teke - Kala Kala Canadian New
U.S Girls - Heavy Light - 4AD Canadian New
Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card
Darlene Shrugg - Darlene Shrugg Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Phelonius Friar
Loved the show, thanks!

3:04 PM, February 21st, 2020