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Heavy Friends
Saturday January 25th, 2020 with Heavy Ben
Minimal Wave

Minimal Wave Records is an independent record label founded by Brooklyn based DJ and radio host Veronica Vasicka in 2005. The label was launched to create a network for synth wave enthusiasts and promote 80s electronic music via an online archive and vinyl releases. The label specializes in high quality vinyl pressings of minimal synth and new wave artists from all over the world. Support the great work that Minimal Wave does by buying a record or some digi-songs Other labels of interest: Anna Logue, Born Bad, Cold Waves Of Color, Dark Entries, Deep Distance, Geheimnis, Hospital Productions, Mannequin, Medical, Music From Memory, OnderStroom, Polytechnic Youth, STROOM 〰, Vinyl on Demand, Walhalla
On The Screen
Linear Movement - On The Screen - Micrart/Minimal Wave - 1983/2008
Not Afraid To Die
Autumn - Synthesize - Micrart/Minimal Wave - 1983/2011
Subterranean Desire
Oppenheimer Analysis - New Mexico - (self released)/Minimal Wave - 1982/2015
Das Ding - Missing Tapes - Tear Apart Tapes/Minimal Wave - 1982/2016
Little Danny
Pas De Deux - Cardiocleptomanie - Pas De Disx/Minimal Wave - 1982/2011
In Aeternam Vale - In Aeternam Vale - Garde Au Sol Production/Minimal Wave - circa 1983/2009
Sympathy Nervous - Automaticism - Vanity/Minimal Wave - 1979/2011
Somewhere In The Night
Stereo - 7"/Somewhere In The Night - WEA/Minimal Wave - 1982/2008
Mushin No Shin
Ohama - Midnite News/The Potato Farm Tapes - Ohama/Minimal Wave - 1982/2012 Canadian
Ruins - The Art Dance - CGD/Minimal Wave - 1984/2010
Enhance your experience by watching the video for "Fire" by Ruins
Deux - 7"/Decadence - André Records/Minimal Wave - 1983/2010
Turquoise Days - Alternative Strategies - (not on label)/Minimal Wave - 1982/2009
Pogo Of Techno
Guyer's Connection - Portrait - Tonstudio Max Lussi, Basel/Minimal Wave - 1983/2014
Plastische Taschen
Five Times Of Dust [5XOD] - Yum Yum Music/Smile With The Eyes - Stichting Stopcontact/Minimal Wave - 1984/2008
Beli Dekolte
Oskarova Fobija - The Hidden Tapes - (not on label)/Minimal Wave - 1983/2011
Things I Was Due To Forget
Somnambulist - The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One - Central Tapes/Minimal Wave & Stones Throw - 1983/2010
Don't Be Blind
Subject - The Bedroom Tapes - (not on label)/Minimal Wave - 1984/2018
Out Of Line
Class Info - Inside/The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two - Classified/Minimal Wave & Stones Throw - 1983/2010 Canadian
Good Vibes (Mocking Birds)
Marie Davidson - Adieux Au Dancefloor - Cititrax - 2016 Canadian
Lonely Streets (Chris Carter Mix)
Futurisk - Lonely Streets Remixes - Cititrax - 2011 (original version 1982)
Like I Am, Comme Je Suis (The Floor Mix aka Veronica Vasicka and Karl O'Connor)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - The Floor Mixes - Minmal Wave - 2017 (original version 1986)
Don't Try To Trick Me
Linear Movement - The Linear Way - Micrart/Minimal Wave - 1982/2016
In Trance 95 - Cities Of Steel And Neon - Wipe Out!/Minimal Wave - 1988/2011
Unreal Personality
The Actor - Exploded View/7" - Trumpett/Minimal Wave - 1982/2013
You Don't Know My Name
Kym Amps - 7"/The Bedroom Tapes - Diversion/Minimal Wave - 1981/2011
Pour L'Amour D'Un Cygne / Puckies' Power
ADN' Ckrystall - Jazz' Mad - ADN/Minimal Wave - 1982/2005
Interactive CKCU
Happy New Year!

8:07 PM, January 25th, 2020
Ben Armstrong (host)
Back at ya WattStrongs. And a happy 6m to Sam-J!

8:08 PM, January 25th, 2020
Cheers! Great theme tonight!

8:15 PM, January 25th, 2020
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks! Any suggestion from the Latin scholar for In Aeternam Vale ?

8:33 PM, January 25th, 2020
Vale basically means goodbye, so goodbye/farewell in eternity...? My Latin is rusty!!

8:35 PM, January 25th, 2020
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Ju! Better than I could do beyond Google translate...

8:45 PM, January 25th, 2020
Ben Armstrong (host)
Everyone - check out the Ruins video for "Fire". It gets the Heavy Friends Award of Awesome

8:46 PM, January 25th, 2020
Phelonius Friar
I was listening on demand and took your advice to watch that video. Apparently you are all terrible people just like me ;). It's amazing we survived the 80s at all...

10:35 AM, February 21st, 2020