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Heavy Friends
Saturday December 28th, 2019 with Heavy Lina
Sophisticated grooves to bring in the New Year!

Taking over the turntables at CKCU-- listen live to a stash of great tunes on this fine Saturday night!
Boys and Girls
Joe Moks - Boys and Girls - Afrodisia (1979)
Pillow Talk
Lustt - Pillow Talk 12" - BMC Records (1983)
A Pox On You
Silver Apples - Contact - Kapp Records (1969)
Get It Out Of Your System
The Chandra Dimension - Transportation - Cantor Records (2008)
Desiree Song
Bobby Jackson - Desiree Song - Ninth Note Records (1978)
Chris Carter - Moonlight 12" - Optimo Music (2011)
Wojtyla Disco Dance
Freddy The Flying Dutchman And The Sistina Band - Wojtyla Disco Dance - Polydor (1979)
You Can't Hold Me Down
Felix - Tiger Stripes/You Can't Hold Me Down - Sleeping Bags Records (1984)
You Did It Yourself
Arthur Russell - Iowa Dream - Audika (2019) New
Exploring the Undeworld
Zru Vogue - Zru Vogue - Zero Risk Records (1982)
We're So Cool
Au Pairs - Headache (For Michelle) - Roadrunner Records (1981)
"B" Movie
Gill Scott Heron - "B" Movie - Artista (1981)
Electralane - No Shouts No Calls - Too Pure (2007)
Atom's Tomb
Electralane - Axes - Too Pure (2005)
Crosseyed and Painless
Talking Heads - Crosseyed and Painless - Sire (1980)
Break Free
Doug Hream Blunt - My Name Is - Luaka Bop (2015)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk - Warner Bros. (1979)
There Only Once
The Soundcarries - Celeste - Melodic (2010)
Penelope Tree
Felt - Penelope Tree - Cherry Red (1983)
Awaiting The Light
DaM-Funk - Awaiting The Light -- Single - N/A New
Background music tonight was Anthony Naples' "Channel 2" from the Fog FM album.
Interactive CKCU
Lina Asfour-Muir (host)
Dropping the needle, drop me a line and let me know what you think of the show tonight!! Hope you all having a great evening!

8:03 PM, December 28th, 2019
Heavy Ben
quite the stash indeed! now i need to hear more of this bobby jackson record (the 1st one that jazzman re'd a while back is also great)

8:36 PM, December 28th, 2019
Lina Asfour-Muir (host)
Yeah! Desiree Song simply deep spiritual jazz! Happy New Year Heavy Ben!

8:48 PM, December 28th, 2019
fact: David Byrne has never owned a car fun show so far =)

9:32 PM, December 28th, 2019
Lina Asfour-Muir (host)
I know that fact very well! He bummed a ride from a close friend of mine in Toronto! Happy New Year Lawrence!

9:42 PM, December 28th, 2019
Dave JC.
Enjoy the really nice mix.

9:52 PM, December 28th, 2019