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Heavy Friends
Saturday June 9th, 2018 with Pink Veil (Rachel Weldon)
Songs for heavy hearts

Weight of the World
Witch Prophet - The Golden Octave Canadian New
Kuuq - Flood
Silla + Rise - Debut Canadian
Papi Pacify
FKA Twigs - EP2
Zaki Ibrahim - The Secret Life of Planets Canadian New
Bonjay - Lush Life Canadian New
Winter's Child feat. Wellspoke
Ziibiwan - Winter's Child [single] Canadian
Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa Canadian New
Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady
Melody McKiver - Reckoning Canadian
respectfulchild - 在找 :​:​searching​: Canadian
Blissing Me
Bjork - Utopia
Truth is the Freshest Fruit
Jennifer Castle - Pink City - Idee Fixe Canadian
Little Wheel Spin and Spin
Buffy Sainte Marie - Medicine Songs Canadian
When We Get By
Frazey Ford - When We Get By (Single) - Arts & Crafts Canadian New
You're Not Free
Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean Canadian
Crying Shame
Jennifer Castle - Angels of Death - Idee Fixe Canadian New
Heart Beat
Chris Cohen - Overgrown Path - Captured Tracks
Loudest In The Universe (feat Trails)
Isaac Vallentin - Amateur Canadian New
Drowning Out
You'll Never Get to Heaven - You'll Never Get to Heaven Canadian
Her (Killing Eve)
Unloved - Her (Killing Eve)
Dead the Long Year
Broadcast - The Noise Made By People - Warp Records
Scattered Clouds - The First Empire - E-Tron Records Canadian
Lord Knows Best
Dirty Beaches - Badlands Canadian
Tears in the Typing Pool
Broadcast - Tender Buttons - Warp Records
Little Vera
You'll Never Get to Heaven - You'll Never Get to Heaven Canadian
Deep Water
Portishead - Third
Le Pouget
Eric Chenaux - Skullsplitter - Constellation Records Canadian
Eric Chenaux - Skullsplitter - Constellation Records
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Ben
Tuned in late... enjoying this segment of the program!

9:41 PM, June 9th, 2018