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Heavy Friends
Saturday April 28th, 2018 with Jas Nasty & guest Aymara Alvarado Sanchez
Aymara joins us to share some music including the music of her father Carlos Alvarado and his various music projects Chacmool, Via Lactea & more

El Jardin de la Presencia Divina
Via Lactea - Self Titled - Wah Wah 1980
Kame Hame Hop
Decibel - Fortuna Virilis - Momia 1998
Chacmool - Bonus, Rarities Y Directos - Universal 1980/ 2006
La Llamada del Chaman - Self Titled - Discos Mono 2014
I'm So Green
Can - Ege Bamyasi - Spoon
We Can
Volapuk - Le Feu Du Tigre - Cuneiform Records ‎– Rune 74 1995
Temple For Two
Fire Queen - single - Self-released 2017 Canadian
J'envoie - La Vitesse des chats sauvages - j'envoie 2009 Canadian
Tropico Loco
Tony Rayola - Self Titled - Momia 1987
Total Eclipse
Klaus Nomi - Self Titled - RCA 1984
Smack Jack
Nina Hagen - . - Columbia
Rock The Shocker
Peaches - Self Titled - XL 2006 Canadian
Mannequin Pussy - Romantic - Tiny Engines 2016 Canadian
Panty Twister ft. Aymara Alvarado
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Record Centre Records 2017 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Jasmine C (host)
Hey Heavy Listeners, hope everyone is having a good night! Live in the studio with special guest Aymara!

8:11 PM, April 28th, 2018
Heavy Ben
Stellar! A long overdue profile. Thanks for doing this Jas and Aymara

8:32 PM, April 28th, 2018
Jasmine C (host)
Hey Heavy Ben thanks for tuning in and chiming in! I think Bijon had played his stuff before, and certainly Rodrigo when he guested with Chris on Heavy Friends or Turn Up The Radio

8:41 PM, April 28th, 2018