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Heavy Friends
Saturday July 1st, 2017 with Jas Nasty
Heavy and challenging music to educate, featuring Indigenous and Canadian artists

Canada, I can cite for you 150
Christi Belcourt - . - . Canadian
Now That The Buffalo's Gone
Buffy Sainte-Marie - It's My Way - Vanguard Canadian
The Piney Wood Hills
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Many A Mile - Vanguard Canadian
Bush Lady
Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady - Wawa Productions 1985 Canadian
Electric PowWow Drum
A Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red - . Canadian
Sila ft. Tanya Tagaq
A Tribe Called Red - We Are The Halluci Nation - Radicalized Records 2016 Canadian
Loon Song
ZIIBIWAN - Time Limits EP - Self-released 2016 Canadian
Late Night Channels
ZIIBIWAN - Time Limits EP - Self-released 2016 Canadian
Fornicarte Es Un Arte ft. Melody McKiver
Lido Pimienta - La Papessa - Self- released 2016 Canadian
Via Lactea - Daath - Discos Momia 2016
Hope From The Fire
Fire Queen - . - Self-released 2016 Canadian
Peyote (Sister Mantos Remix)
Wampum (Elisa Harkins) - Wampum - Self- released 2016
Fatima Al Qadiri - Brute - Hyperdub 2016
Ikonika - Distractions - Hyperdub 2017 New
Never Created, Never Destroyed
Jlin - Black Origami - Planet Mu 2017 New
Horrors In The Dance
Cooly G - Armz House - Hyperdub 2015
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Tell Your Vision EP - Hyperdub 2016
Jessy Lanza - Oh No - Hyperdub 2016 Canadian
Strange Froots - Blossom This Froot For Thought [EP] - . Canadian
Interactive CKCU
listening! <3

8:06 PM, July 1st, 2017
Dave Aardvark (host)
thanks for starting with that poem! <3

8:13 PM, July 1st, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Hi listeners, thank you for tuning in

8:20 PM, July 1st, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Hope everyone is enjoying hearing Via Lactea - hoping to have Aymara on air sometime to share more of their music and to speak about her father Carlos Alvarado- maybe we can even get a phone interview with him! I know Bijon was playing some of his music a few months ago...

9:11 PM, July 1st, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
You can hear Fire Queen as well as lots of other great music by local artists on the Babely Shades mixtape that just came out for summer here- buy and support!

9:13 PM, July 1st, 2017
looking forward to hearing that interview! Sounding great so far!

9:13 PM, July 1st, 2017
Dave Aardvark (host)
Great show Jasmine!

9:42 PM, July 1st, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
For those interested in Alanis Obomsawin, here are some links- Film - Album - contact Fred Savard for an original pressing of her album at email:

1:46 AM, July 2nd, 2017
Great show - heavy indeed... and rightly so. Thanks much.

9:12 AM, July 2nd, 2017
Glad you appreciated it Oddball, and for setting the bar quite high for playing weird music on air...

12:06 PM, July 2nd, 2017
Really enjoying this! Is there anyway to download this setlist?

12:35 PM, July 7th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)
Thank you JM - unfortunately you can`t dl, but I will be releasing a mix soon with music from some of these artists. Most of them are on bandcamp or Soundcloud

1:41 AM, July 8th, 2017