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Heavy Friends
Saturday February 4th, 2017 with Bill and Diane
Emergence, you see...

After starting about 25 minutes late due to a fire alarm (no fire noted), our hosts compose themselves, and start things like so:
Sherlock Holmes (Sparks cover)
The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded - In The Red (2008)
Fascist in the Courthaus
DM Bob and the Deficits - Cajun Creole Hot Nuts - Voodoo Rhythm (2001)
Tell Me
Mark Alexander McIntyre - Grapes - One Kind Favor (2013) Canadian
Cem Karaca - Nem Kaldi? - Pharaway Sounds (2014, orig 1975)
Yaz Gazteci Yaz Turkola
Selda - Selda - Finders Keepers Records (2006, orig 1976)
I'm Ain't Going To Work Tomorrow
The Carter Family - I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes (compliation) - Monk (2010)
This May Be The Last Time
The Staple Singers - Swing Low - Warner (1965)
Uranus (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
Facing the Sun
Helen Money - Become Zero - Thrill Jockey (2016) New
Ninth Night
Wolf People - Ruins - Jagjaguar (2016) New
The Fairest of the Seasons
Nico - Chelsea Girl - MGM (1967)
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones cover)
Kim and Leanne - True West - Hozac Records (2014)
That Which Darkly Thrives
Espers - III - Drag City (2009)
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbreak
Kate Bush - Lionheart - EMI (1979)
Elyse Weinberg - Greasepaint Smile (recorded 1969) - Numerophon (2015)
Uranus (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
String Theory
Blood Quartet - Deep Red - Feeding Tube Records (2016) New
You Know What It's Like
Carla Dal Forno - You Know What It's Like - Blackest Ever Black New
Epilogue (Get Out of The Boat - Yer Kicked Out!)
Crab Boat - Free Improvised Sound Vol. 02: March 12, 02016 - Offshore Breeze (02016) Canadian
Die Matrosen (recorded 1980ish)
Kleenex / Liliput - First Songs (compliation) - Kill Rock Stars (2016)
Neon Baby
The Comet Is Coming - Prophecy - The Leaf Label (2015)
Stumble and Fall
Clan of Xymox - Clan of Xymox - 4AD (1985)
Uranus (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
I'm A Star In My Own Right
The Lucid Dream - Compulsion Songs - Holy Are You Recordings (2016)
Interactive CKCU
Listening from Kingston. Somethings not right on my end...a track is playing over top of your voices...

9:25 PM, February 4th, 2017
Bill Guerrero (host)
Thanks - I think we have it worked out.

9:47 PM, February 4th, 2017