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Heavy Friends
Saturday October 1st, 2016 with Bill
The Day Everything Became Anything, or The End of Some Things

We start with a bit of retrospective of the music of Nomeansno. It was a week ago today that John Wright announced the retirement of the band. This is my stupid way of saying thanks for so many years of overwhelming music. I will enjoy this - I hope you do too.
The Day Everything Became Nothing
Nomeansno - The Day Everything Became Nothing - Alternative Tentacles (1988) Canadian
Nomeansno - Sex Mad - Psyche Records (1986) Canadian
Dark Ages (Shackelton's My Goal's Beyond Mix)
Nomeansno - Butchering The Sacred Cows Volume One NoMeansNo Remixes 1 - No Label (2011) Canadian
Nomeansno - 0+2=1 - Alternative Tentacles (1991) Canadian
A wee break, and more Nomeansno. Note the absence of the Wrong album in this - it
Neptune (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
The Myth is Real - Let's Eat
Jello Biafra with Nomeansno - The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy - Alternative Tentacles (1991) Canadian
The Graveyard Shift
Nomeansno - No One - Alternative Tentacles (2000) Canadian
Nomeansno - Tour EP 2 (aka Jubilation) - Wrong Records (2010) Canadian
State of Grace
Nomeansno - The Worldhood of the World (as such) - Wrong Records (1995, 2011 reissue) Canadian
Now some non-Nomeansno music. It's pretty good, too.
Neptune (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Don Giovanni Records (2015)
Solid Gold Hell
Scientists - A Place Called Bad (compilation) - Numero (2016) New
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - Balance - Captcha Records (2016) New
Savages - Adore Life - Matador/Pop Noire (2015)
Swans - Swans - Young God Records (1982, 2015 reissue)
Evil Ed
Nagamatzu - Above This Noise (collection) - Dark Entries (2016)
The Money Runs Out
Mystery Plane - Cold Waves of Color Vol 3 - Color Tapes / Lion Productions (2016) New
Lock Groove (In)
Liquid Liquid - Successive Reflexes - Superior Viaduct (2016 orig 1981)
Some guy talking, then this...
Neptune (music bed)
Moe Koffman - Solar Explorations - GRT (1974) Canadian
Star Furnace
The Comet is Coming - Channel the Spirits - The Leaf Label (2016) Canadian
A3 Solo
Niklas Sorensen - Solo - El Paraiso Records (2016)
Never Can Say Goodbye
Rasaan Roland Kirk - Blacknuss - Atlantic (1972)
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