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Heavy Friends
Saturday November 14th, 2015 with Ladies Mary and Diane
Sugar, Radio and the NIle

A very big THANK YOU to all those who donated to Heavy Friends and/or to CKCU, your favourite station, during our recently concluded funding drive. And, a very big Happy Birthday to CKCU!!!
Heavy, Heavy, Heavy
Geraldo Pino and the Heartbeats - Afro Rock - Strut 01996
Put Some Sugar in my Cup , Please
Nadja - The Life and Death of a Wasp - Broken Spine 02010 Canadian
I am Not Your Sugar
Mahogany Frog - Do5 - Moonjune 02008 Canadian
A few Canadian tunes about sugar, in tribute to Canadian Sir Fredrick Banting, born on this date in 1891. And now a track in honour of the first BBC transmission in 1925, and of this station, in 1975 on this date.
Comme la Radio
Brigitte Fontaine and AEC - Comme la Radio - Superior Viaduct (orig 01969)
Sugar Town
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar - Reprise (01966)
and a track from Brigitte Fontaine, to mark anniversaries of first broadcasts by BBC (1925) and CKCU!!! (1975)
Like Sugar in the Tea
Omar Suleyman - Jazeera Nights - Sublime Frequencies (02014)
Sugar on Top
The Dirtbombs - Ooey Gooey Chewy Kablooey - In the Red (02013)
A few long tracks to mark the 'discovery' of the source of a long river; the Blue Nile; on November 14, 1770.
Song of the Nile
Arbouretum - The Gathering - Thrill Jockey 02011
West Nile Curiosity
The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Versus the Purveyors of Conspicuous Consumption - Birdman 02010 Canadian
Black Nile
Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer - Blue Note 01964
and in tribute to Wendy Carlos, born on this date in 1939, a few of her unique-scale-based compositions.
Incantation>Beauty in the Beast
Wendy Carlos - Beauty in the Beast - BMI 01986
Wendy Carlos - Digital Moonscapes - BMI 01984
and in celebration of another Canadian, this one a rower born in 1964, a few more Canadian tunes....
Dubai, Bye Baby, Dubai
Silkken Laumann - Not Forever Enough - self-released, 02014 Canadian
Not Forever Enough
Silkken Laumann - Not Forever Enough - elf-released, 02014 Canadian
and a few more tracks in tribute to RADIO!
Joy Division - Amsterdam - Factory 01980
Radio Sweetheart
Elvis Costello - Taking Liberties - Columbia 01977
Around the Dial
The Kinks - Give the People What they Want - Arista (01981)
Ay Carmela > El Tren Blendido
The Ex - 1936 The Spanish Revolution - Exmusic
Jeux Dites
Narciso Yepes - Gentilhomme Espagnol
Concierto de Aranjuez
Narcoso Yepes - 50 Essential Classical Pieces
Zhini Zhini
Pushkar Lele - Chaitali - Dreams Entertainment 02009
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Chris
Geez, always nice to hear Narciso Yepes!

1:37 AM, November 17th, 2015